Your Gift; Your Impact

Giving isn’t just about making a donation; it’s about making a difference.

一本道最新高清无码Whether you are an alumnus, a current or former staff member, a parent or a friend of the University, your gifts make a huge impact on Loughborough, its students, academics, facilities, research and entrepreneurial activities.

We are lucky to have a truly incredible community of supporters who are passionate about making Loughborough the best it can be.

We could go on and on about our wonderful institutional accomplishments, but the truth is, this moment is about you and the impact you have had on the University.

Donation statistics 2017/18

  • 100% of your donations went to the causes you choose to support
  • 997 donors kindly supported many different areas across the University
  • £2.4 million donated in the 2017/2018 academic year
  • £1.3 million was received from those who chose to leave Loughborough a gift in their Will